My Survivor Story - Anonymous

DISCLAIMER: We at My Cup Condom™ understand that rape, sexual assault, and drink spiking are traumatic and life altering events. We understand and sympathize with how sensitive this topic is, we believe it is very brave and important to share stories of survivors to raise awareness. Please be advised that some stories may be triggering for those who have dealt with traumatic events and/or those who are sensitive to this topic. If you need counseling of any kind, please reach out to a mental health professional.


My best friend and I were visiting NOLA and while on Bourbon St. we visited a bar. We were standing at the bar area and I remember a girl offering to buy us a drink, we politely declined it but she insisted and told the bartender to give us any drink and add it to her tab. We gave our requests and they handed us the drinks. I’m always paranoid about these situations so soon as I grabbed them we put napkins over our cups and a straw through the napkin. We began drinking and almost immediately I felt drunk. Now, I have a decent tolerance for alcohol and this was the first drink of the night. There’s absolutely no way that drink got me that way. Right away I couldn’t walk, my best friend felt funny too, but it didn’t affect her as bad as it did me. I remember she tried helping me walk to the bathroom and I blacked out from that point. Once she couldn’t anymore, she tried calling a Lyft and realized her wallet was missing, she proceeded to check my purse and found my phone was missing too. Somehow, she managed to focus and get us a Lyft. She had trouble entering the correct destination, so she told the driver what happened they were able to get us to the right place and made sure we walked into the lobby where the doorman recognized us. When I began to snap out of it, I remember hearing my best friend crying and asking her, “What happened? Are you ok?” She proceeded to tell me what happened, and she kept begging me to wake up so I can help her cancel her cards. Unfortunately, I was still very out of it and couldn’t help her. I recall telling her, “It’s ok, it’s all replaceable” and I proceeded to just get in the tub, I felt like I just needed to take a bath. She was able to get her cards cancelled. By the time they tried using them the cards had been reported. I woke up a few hours later and just felt groggy and gross. I’m so thankful that she was ok enough to get us to the room safe and these people didn’t sexually abuse us. They may have pickpocketed us but, I had just bought the iPhone 13 and with today’s updates that phone and its parts are useless to them and they weren’t able to use the cards. But the biggest blessing was that we weren't sexually assaulted thanks to my friend getting us out of there and back to safety and thanks to the Lyft driver! I firmly believe that girl and the bartender worked together. I just can’t see how anyone else could’ve done it. Now we’re planning a trip to Miami and came across these cup condoms and thought this is perfect! (Way better than a napkin, for sure). Thank you for this amazing idea and sharing it with us. I know this will save so many people form what we want through and from a worse possible situation. Amazing!!


-Anonymous (Los Angeles, CA)


If you are in immediate danger, thinking of seriously harming yourself or being harmed by/harming someone else, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can help at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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